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Mission/Vision Statement

Mission Statement:  The primary objective of School Union #122 is to teach
every individual to think and act effectively.
The District dedicates itself to meeting the academic and developmental
needs of all students.  The schools will provide programs and experiences in a
supportive environment.

Vision Statement:  School Union #122 in partnership with students, parents,
and community will provide the opportunity for students to learn to their individual
capacity and to achieve clearly defined outcomes.

Our Shared Vision Includes:   Community, parent, and student involvement as an
integral part of the vision.  Union-Wide curriculum, instruction, and assessment enable
all children to learn at high individual standards.  Union-Wide assessment and
evaluation instruments accurately measure learning relative to the shared vision.
Teaching strategies are aligned to the shared vision.  Local Learning Results are aligned
with State Learning Results.  Union-Wide production of curriculum instruction, and assessment
vehicles reflet our shared vision.  A partnership of parents, community members, educational
staff, and administrators developed the District's vision and will monitor successive activities
for alignment with that vision.






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